• Firewalls (Keep the bad guys out)
  • Content Filters (Keep the good guys good)
  • Security Webcams
  • Primary Domain Controllers
  • File Servers/Network support services
  • Distributed File & Calendar Systems
  • Groupware – Multi site (Calendar, Contacts, File sharing, Memos, Instant Messenger) with Palm and Outlook integration.
    Offered as either an Open Source browser based solution or a Proprietary Peer to Peer (P2P) solution.
  • Special Development Projects
  • & the always popular
  • Other Services as required

Our standard network installation includes an IBM file server running Novell- SuSE/SAMBA for rock solid reliability at a price you won't believe. For a very affordable price you get the best the world has to offer, whether you need a full primary Domain Controller for a large enterprise a just a simple file server for a smaller office.

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